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  • The crystalline form of bismuth is Bismuth Oxide. It is produced from a variety of sources. Typically, it is produced by extracting lead and copper from ores.Bismuth oxide is used in a number of appli……
    Jan 29
  • Bismuth oxide powder is used for the manufacture of ceramic dielectric capacitors and other electronic ceramic materials. It also serves as an analytic reagent. This material can be found as pellets,……
    Jan 28
  • A titanium carbonitride coating has excellent wear and chipping resistance, making it an ideal coating for plastic injection molding dies. It has also been found that this coating can enhance the comp……
    Jan 26
  • Calcium acetylacetonate is a weak acid. It is used as an additive in many industries. In addition, it is also used as a catalyst and resin cross-linking agent. Among the major applications of calcium……
    Jan 25
  • Nickel oxide is a chemical that is commonly used in electroplating, frit manufacturing, and ferrite magnets. It is often available in different particle sizes and forms. NiO powder can be produced in……
    Jan 24
  • Telluride powder days are a dream come true for many skiers and snowboarders. The resort has over 2,000 acres of terrain and offers skiers and riders an unmatched skiing experience. With a variety of……
    Jan 22
  • WS2 is a lubricant additive that reduces friction and wear in engine oil. Moreover, it improves engine compression. It is a harmless additive, but if used too much, it can increase fuel consumption an……
    Jan 21
  • Calcium nitride is an inorganic compound with chemical formula Ca3N2. Calcium nitride is a powder that contains calcium and nitrogen in a ratio of three to two. It is a flammable solid that should be……
    Jan 20
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