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Product List

  • Molybdenum Chloride powder MoCl5 CAS 10241-05-1

    Molybdenum Chloride MoCl5 powder Features: ITEM NO Appearance Particle size Purity Melting point Boiling point Density CAS No. EINECS No. MoCl5-P1 Green black monoclinic crystal 50nm 99.6% 194℃ 268℃ 2.928g/cm3(25℃) 10241-05-1 233-575-3 Molybdenum Chloride

  • Tungsten Chloride powder WCl6 cas 13283-01-7

    Tungsten Chloride Rare Earth WCl6 powder Features: Tunsten Chloride is dark blue or blue purple crystalline powder. soluble in carbon sulfide, diethyl ether, ethyl alcohol, benzene. Tungsten chloride tend to dissolve in hot water. ITEM NO Appearance Parti

  • Tantalum chloride powder TaCl5 cas 7721-01-9

    Tantalum chloride TaCl5 powder Features: ITEM NO Appearance Particle size molecular weight solubility category melting point toxicity grade cas einecs TaCl5-P1 Yellow vitreous crystal or powder 325 mesh 358.21 Soluble in anhydrous alcohol, sulfuric acid a

  • Colloidal gold Au liquid cas 7440-57-5

    Features of liquid Colloidal gold : Nano liquid Colloidal gold is prepared by dispersing 15nm or even smaller gold nanoparticles into water solution. The preparation will end up with uniform neutral solution with stable color. The gold nanoparticles solut

  • Cuprous Telluride powder Cu2Te cas 12019-52-2

    Product Description Cuprous Telluride powder price Cu2Te powder Features: Cuprous Telluride is a kind of important organic and fine chemical raw materials, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, feed additive, food additive and other field. Cuprou

  • Telluride copper powder CuTe cas 12019-23-7

    4N 5N 6N Telluride copper CuTe powder cas 12019-23-7

  • Lead Telluride powder PbTe cas 1314-91-6

    4N 5N 6N Lead Telluride PbTe powder cas 1314-91-6

  • Tin telluride powder SnTe cas 12040-02-7

    4N 5N 6N Tin telluride SnTe powder cas 12040-02-7

  • Antimony Telluride powder Sb2Te3 cas 1327-50-0

    Product Description Antimony Telluride powder price Sb2Te3 powder Features: High purity inorganics, widely used in electronics, display, solar cell, crystal growth, functional ceramics, batteries, LED, thin film growth, catalyst etc. Antimony Telluride po

  • Zinc telluride powder ZnTe cas 1315-11-3

    Product Description Zinc telluride powder price ZnTe powder Specification: Item Formula weight Color Melting point Density Refractive index Particle size Purity Tr-ZnTe 192.99 Brownish-red powder 1240C 6.34g/mLat25C 3.56 100mesh 99.99%- 99.9999% Note:acco